What to Wear for Chloe? Christening Dresses Hunting!

Published August 7, 2012 by goodgirlchloe

Oh my gosh, you will not believe how chaotic and frenzied things have been around here of late. What along with life on the whole and planning for Chloe’s massive Christening day I have not experienced a minute to call my very own! Now i am at the moment searching for a pretty little outfit for Chloe to wear throughout the service and I’m simply not certain what style to go along with. At the moment, I’m considering old-fashioned (I don’t really like that phrase but I mean a style that granny would have worn when she was Christened) and i also particularly like the ones with little bonnets – I do think Chloe would look so lovely wearing that. Of course, it’s going to have to be white. Or cream. Or ivory. I must express that I really like this tiny sailor suit outfit that will be perfect for a boy – you never know exactly what the long term will bring but I’ve made a mental note of that…although Ralph just would like one child. There is a lot of time for that conversation šŸ™‚

Small shoes I’m not sure about. On the one hand (or foot!), it might be cute to see Chloe in a nice pair of satin-y shoes but on the other hand, I may just get an urge to tickle her feet and we both love that šŸ™‚ The search continues…


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