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First Posting About Chloe’s Christening

Published July 9, 2012 by goodgirlchloe

Hi, I’m Sian and I’m so fired up! My little Chloe gets Christened soon and I can not wait. It will be her big day and she will be the centre of attention and she’s going to love it. Already she loves absolutely everyone fussing over her so when she’s the number one girl inside the room…she’ll certainly be a star.

I’m going to ensure it is the best Christening ever and my hubby, Ralph, has agreed that we really need to put together a proper event for Chloe however you know very well what guys are like, they are saying these things but allow us girls to actually do the foot work! But I really don’t mind – I’m keen on surfing around and seeing what’s around. I then imagined it might be an idea if I put my searches in a blog site and so i did – here! I’ll try to keep it up to date with what I find and if there is any ideas then I’d love you to let me know particularly if you can point me in the right direction. Silver Christening jewelry┬áis the first thing I’m looking for – something dainty.

I hope you enjoy and, please remember…leave a note!